Bushcraft and survival course

Learn to read nature and fend for yourself in the forest through knowledge and self-awareness. Kolarbyn offers a 3-day bushcraft and survival course that gives you knowledge about the forest and the ability to handle unexpected survival situations in the forest. You will learn to make a fire, find and distill water, find food and build a shelter.

Together with the experienced instructor and guide Jonas Lmjandolsi from ”Jonas Vildmark” you will move through the forests of Bergslagen. The stress-free days are filled with valuable forest knowledge, lectures and workshops held in nature. After the course you will be able to handle knives and axes, make fire, handling water, knowledge about useful plants, building shelters and survival psychology.

You spend the first night in Kolarbyn to ensure you are in place as the course begins on day 2. One of the nights is spent in the shelter that you built yourself. But if you like, you can always spend all of the nights in your cozy charcoal hut.

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Information & Pricing

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge
3 days
Max. 10 people and min. 4
Bushcraft and survival course with instructor and guide, course material and tools, 2 nights accommodation in charcoal hut with inflatable mattress and sheepskin to sleep on, a simple dinner day 1, lunch consisting of findings from the forest day 2, dinner day 2, breakfast day 2 and 3. Access to floating sauna for 2 hours (shared with others and heated by yourself). During the overnight stay in the charcoal hut there will be wood to make a fire, candles, matches and fresh water.
Shared bed in charcoal hut for 2 persons, or overnight stay in a shelter. (Single room, additional 500 SEK/person/course)
It is recommended that you wear durable clothes and shoes, warm clothes for cold evenings, sleeping bag, headlamp with extra batteries, binoculars, swimwear, towel, water bottle, steel container to boil water over open fire and snacks.

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