Bear safari in Hälsingland

A night in the bear forest is an exhilarating experience. A long evening turns into dusk, and jays, ravens, cranes and small birds feast on the bear’s treats. You have found tranquillity and your eyes are peeled, carefully scanning the forest landscape. Where and when will the (un)expected visitor appear?

Norrigården’s bear hide is easily reached, just a few hundred meters into the forest. The spacious and comfortable hide was built in consultation with experienced nature photographers. The various windows and peep-holes provide a very good view of the surroundings. Just lean back in the comfortable chairs and keep your eyes peeled.

Here in the forests of north Hälsingland all of our five large predators are found – golden eagle, lynx, wolverine, wolf and, largest of all, the bear. This is also one of the areas with the densest population of bear in Sweden. Our senses must be fully awake when it happens. A brown bear appears – on some nights more than one – and sometimes just a few metres from the hide. Excited guests have described how they could almost touch the bear walking past. But if and when the bears will come, no one knows. Wild bears do as they please and many different and partly unknown factors lie behind their choice of route through the forest. It is the uncertainty, yet the possibility, that are so exciting – this is typical of a night of bear watching in the Hälsingeland forest.

Norrigården Vildmark

Information & Pricing

Norrigården Vildmark
2 days
1-12 persons
One Night in the bear hide, introductory guide and transport.
Not included, but guests can rest and sleep in the comfortable hide. Guests may rest in the morning at Norrigården.
None. Minimum age is 7 years.

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