Bike in west Sweden’s Countryside

Coast along on a 40 km adventure among stone tablets, ancient burial grounds and sacrificial sites, stopping for waffles, lunch by the water, dinner, overnight stay and rustic country breakfast. Depending on the season, you can enjoy colorful pasque flowers and fritillaries, smell fragrant Butterfly-orchids during Midsummer or admire the Bluebells growing in the back streets of an area rich in history.

Starting point for the bike tours is the scenic sheep farm of Bitterna Åkatorp in southwest Sweden located on one of the country's most beautiful bike paths. The rolling meadows and pastures, maintained by the farm's black Merino sheep, create a landscape reminiscent of Viking times. The bike ride through winding roads, lush forests and open fields offers a range of historical glimpses. You will pass some of the largest circular stone burial grounds from 400 AD, mythical places of sacrifice from the Migration Period (400 – 800 AD) and a variety of large, carved stone tablets. These upright tablets often carry Christian messages, since Christianity was brought to the area as early as the 400's.

The cycling tour is unguided, but your hosts Lars and Monica Renström are more than happy to give an historical introduction and tips on the best multi-day tours or day trips based on your interests and physical abilities.

The 40 km tour option includes cycling through historic landmarks, lunch by the water, dinner and overnight with a hearty breakfast.

Bitterna Åkatorp

Information & Pricing

Bitterna Åkatorp
Bicycle, map, lunch, dinner, one overnight stay and breakfast.
Room with private bathroom and access to sauna.

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