Biellugis trail (3 days)

The Biellugis trail tour features a variety of landscape and takes us over pathless terrain and by narrow paths through swamp lands and virgin forests up to the bare mountains with magnificent mile wide views. Led by sámi guides, we travel through the land where the indigenous people and their ancestors have lived for thousands of years.

Riding an Icelandic horse is the perfect way to experience the mountain regions of Swedish Lapland, the horses are made for this type of terrain and climate, and have an unbelievable ability to find their way anywhere. It's an incomparably comfortable way to ‘walk’ in the mountains while seated, with packs tightly secured behind the saddle instead of on your back.

Meals are prepared communally and cooked, as they have always been, over an open fire. The atmosphere and conversation in the tent take you back to a time before mobile telephones, computers, and cars.

The exact riding routes, as well as overnight stops and catering arrangements, are tailored to weather and wind conditions. Daily stages are between 15 and 25 km.

The Biellugis tour is for those who have some previous riding experience.

Ofelaš Icelandic horses & Guide service

Information & Pricing

Ofelaš Icelandic horses & Guide service
2019-07-08 - 2019-08-21
3 days
2-10 persons
5 450 SEK
Horse with equipment, guide, full board and lodging (lunch day1-lunch day3), helmet, sleeping bag, transport to/from starting point.
In a lávvu, (sámi teepee)
Reasonably fit with riding experience. Minimum age 12 years. Maximum weight 90 kg.

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