Beaver safari in Bergslagen

When the sun has just dropped behind the treetops, the beaver is at its most active. The forest closes in, and the canoes glide silently along narrow passages. Beaver lodges line the banks, and other traces are felled trees and teeth marks on stems. Chances of spotting the animal are excellent – Since 2003 beavers have been seen on almost every tour.

The Bergslagen district lies approximately 200 km northwest of Stockholm. In the center of the district, in one of Sweden’s largest nature reserves and far from civilization, you paddle your canoe silently through the dusk. You’re in fine company, with your family or a few friends, and an expert guide who is familiar with the forest and has a lot to relate about its inhabitants. Wildlife is abundant here and, in addition to beaver, both elk and deer are often seen, and sometimes also fox and badger.

Our guide, one of Sweden’s most experienced beaver trackers, talks about Sweden’s largest rodent and other forest animals. When the sun sinks behind the trees, the beaver is at its most active. Our canoeing starts in complete silence, and we communicate through sign language, this is vital if we are to catch a glimpse of the timid animals.

Along the banks, we can see beaver lodges, along with other traces of beaver activity, such as felled trees and teeth marks on stems. Chances of spotting the beaver are excellent -Since 2003 beavers have been seen on almost every tour, most during long occasions and up close to the canoe.

Much likely, the participants will be lucky this time too. The silence is broken by a loud splash ahead of us in the muted light. From the canoe, you are in the best seat in the house, and you see a beaver dive and shoot forwards with its long flat tail. Slowly, slowly, you glide closer without disturbing him.

The tour includes three hours of canoeing through dense beaver waters and a wilderness picnic, served on a scenic spot.

Available May-September. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website.

Nordic Discovery

Information & Pricing

Nordic Discovery
Year around. Scheduled dates on Nordic Discovery’s website. -
1 day
2-8 persons
1 250 SEK
Experienced guide, equipment (canoes, paddles, life jackets, waterproof sacks, seat mats), wilderness picnic.
Not included. See Beaver safari package, Bergslagen. From Nordic Discovery for full package.
None. The tour is not physically demanding. The canoeing begins with instruction in basic paddling techniques.

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