Around Sylarna with dog sled & tent

Learn to drive your dog sled team in the Norwegian-Swedish border region when the late winter mountains are at their most beautiful. It's great if you have experience with outdoor activities in winter because some nights will be spent in a tent on the mountain.

After a hearty dinner and a comfortable night at Storulvån’s Mountain Lodge, there will be a review of what to expect in the wilderness. You will receive an introduction to the dog run and will learn how to harness the dogs, handle the dog team and steer the sled. As soon as the sleds are packed, it's off. In quick time!

Each sled is drawn by 4-6 dogs and a day's journey is between 25 and 35 km long. The journey takes you through the tree-line's white expanses with Sylarnas mighty mountain massif in the background. In the coming days, the terrain varies between sparse birch forest and bare mountain, both on the Swedish and Norwegian side of the border. Several great fishing lakes are crossed, and those who want can try their luck. Maybe it will be freshly caught trout for dinner one night?

At the appropriate place, protected from the wind and with water available nearby, you set up camp. Every dog needs to drink plenty of water at least twice a day. Everyone helps to dig a shelter for the dogs, putting up long wires with room for ten dogs and a portable tipi-style tent. When the dogs have been taken care of and fed, it is the mushers’ turn to have a delicious dinner. The dishes feature ingredients like reindeer and moose and coffee cooked in a boiler over an open fire. Then your sleeping bag awaits along with a comfortable sleep far from civilization.

The dogs get breakfast first, and when all are full and contented the tent is taken down, and the sleds are packed again. At this time of the year, the reindeer might come up from the forests, and with luck, some reindeer herds can be seen from a distance. The pace is gentle in such areas as not to frighten the animals. One night, the tents are set up on the back of Helags mountain, a powerful vision that measures 1 797 meters. The last day, you pass Tjallingen’s Sami camp down in the birch forest. Then it is just a few miles to Storulvåns Mountain Lodge, where it’s time for a sauna and farewell dinner.

Tommy Bernhardsson, who runs the business, has driven dog sleds professionally since 1984 and is a Swedish champion in middle and long distance. For assistance, Tommy also has other experienced guides.

Åre Sleddog Adventures

Information & Pricing

Åre Sleddog Adventures
Winter 2019 - 2020
7 days
4-6 persons
By inquiry
Accommodation, all meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 7, experienced guide and your own team of four to six dogs. Warm overalls and sturdy boots are available for hire.
Two nights at Storulvåns Mountain Lodge and four nights in a tent in the mountains.
Camping experience, preferably in winter. Decent stamina.

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