Adventurous winter days in Kiruna

A long weekend in a winter-white Lapland filled with nature-based excitement via snowshoe tour and optional activities such as dogsledding, reindeer sleigh tour, meeting reindeers or seeing the Northern Lights on horseback awaits you. You stay comfortably and eco-friendly in a snug and cozy cabin, and eat well in the restaurant!

When the night train from southern Sweden arrives at Kiruna, you will be met at the station and soon be settled in at Camp Ripan, whose design, color and materials have an unmistakable connection to the region and culture.

The next day, it's time to discover the Arctic winter with a knowledgeable guide on a moderately long snowshoe tour over the soft snow. During the tour we scout for hare and grouse tracks and get to know more about the area's history and nature. The polar darkness might even invite the Northern Lights! The tour also includes a coffee break in a tent around a warm, crackling fire.

In the coming days you choose freely from the area's range of exciting ecotourism activities. Have you ever tried dogsledding? You have the chance now with an experienced dog team organizer. Or why not a winter trek on horseback through the small village of Puoltsas near the Kalix River? A ride through the woods is a great opportunity to have a close encounter with a moose or maybe see the northern lights in the polar sky. A third and fourth option are Sami (Sweden's indigenous people) experiences and a chance to get close to some reindeer. Choose a half day tour by reindeer sleigh with the award-winning Sami experience tour operator Nutti Sámi Siida or an encounter with some of the region's best reindeer herders, complete with lassoing, a short sleigh ride, meeting the reindeer and hearing stories about Sami life.

At Camp Ripan, a new culinary experience with wild flavors is waiting for you everyday. And here, you can not only eat delicious food but also learn about the three cultures that paved the way for the mining town of Kiruna: the Sami, the Torne Valley Finnish and the Swedish railroad culture. Take the opportunity to watch one of the evening's slide shows about the Sami culture or the mythical, celestial phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

Camp Ripan

Information & Pricing

Camp Ripan
4 days
2-12 persons
6 605 SEK
Transfers from the train station/airport to Camp Ripan, accommodation in a cabin with half board (three dinners and three breakfasts), snowshoe tour with refreshments, slide show and one-day admission to Camp Ripan's spa.
In a double or family room in a private cabin at Camp Ripan.

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