A day’s ride in Lapland

You don’t need to be able to ride nor to be an arctic enthusiast to go on a riding tour in the mountain village of Ammarnäs and its marvellous surroundings.

Ammarnäs is the starting point for several different kinds of tours. You can ride up the Näsberg mountain to the Småfjäll and Mittiberg mountain tops where you have a magnificent view of the beautiful long Skebleskal valley, or you can ride southwards on part of the Kungsleden (a 450-kilometer-long walking and skiing route) along the Äivisåvie mountain towards the Aiger cabin where you can have your coffee break.

Another option is to ride through northern Ammarnäs and follow the river Gautsträsk to a recently built mill beside the Bissan stream. It goes without saying that most of the riders will want to try the Icelandic pony’s “fourth gear” – the special gait called the ‘rack’.

Fjällhästen AB

Information & Pricing

Fjällhästen AB
1 day
4-6 persons
600 SEK
Three-hour guided horseback ride.
Not included.
Some riding and outdoor experience, normal fitness. Minimum age: 12. Maximum weight: 90 kg.

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