The gift to anyone who wants to enjoy Swedish nature!

A gift card for the widest range of quality-labeled Swedish nature experiences.

Optional gift amounts between 250 and 50,000 kronor.
Easy to compose, pay and print on your own computer.
A gift card where you choose image and write text yourself.
Valid for a full year, which means that the experience must be booked within twelve months.
Nice to give away, even more fun to get!

For those who want to give away a nature experience, Nature’s Best Gift Card offers the opportunity to choose from hundreds of exciting nature trips, optional amounts and the opportunity to design a personalized gift card. Simple, fast and without hassle.

For those who receive Nature’s Best Gift Cards, there are at least 100, often significantly more, bookable nature trips to choose from.If the gift card’s sum exeeds the price of the chosen experience, the Gift Card can be used several times.

A NATURE’S BEST PRESENT CARD makes it easy to give away and receive everything from dog sledge expeditions to archipelago adventures, bear safaris, sport fishing experiences and much, much more.

By getting an Nature’s best Gift Card, you contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in general and Swedish ecotourism in particular.

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Have you received a Nature’s Best gift card?

Congratulations! This is how to redeem your card …

Look for your dream experience at Nature’s Best.
Once you have decided for your experience – contact the approved organizer.
Examine possible date of departure and decide if any special prerequisites are required.
Book the arrangement before the gift card expires.
Enter your gift card number, security code and the amount to be used when booking.
Depending on the amount of the gift card, it can be used as a partial payment for a nature trip or several events.
Balances under 100 kronor can not be saved. Check your balance here …

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