Experience and exploration are keywords for Joakim Hermanson. Add a beautiful natural setting and you’ve got the idea behind his company Upplevelsebolaget (The Experience Company). He has made long biking expeditions in different parts of the world. If time permits, Joakim still spends most of the winter biking some 5 000 km, preferably through deserts and other dire places.

Passion and experience form the basis for what he now calls The Great Break. His tours include kayaking, biking and rock climbing, always with a sound balance between activity and relaxing pleasure. If you’re mentally exhausted a kayak trip will definitely ease your brains. The beautiful seascape in the archipelago off the Swedish west coast´will soothe anybody’s mind.

The company’s base is situated outside the town of Uddevalla, easily accessible by train or bus from Gothenburg. Upplevelsebolaget actively supports a project run by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, to protect the porpoise, still found in these waters.

By now, most large companies in Sweden have found their way to Upplevelsebolaget and their mind soothing activities. However, you don’t need to be a business person to get inspired by their warm hospitality and professionally run ecotourism. Relaxation and creativity are waiting for you!

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Information about the organizer

Name: Upplevelsebolaget
Address: Gustafsberg 320
Postal code: 451 91
Phone: +46-(0)705 - 13 10 85
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.upplevelsebolaget.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/upplevelsebolaget
Instagram: www.instagram.com/upplevelsebolaget

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