In Västmanland’s large forests, two hours west of Stockholm, wilderness meets rural life but also industrial history and the modern countryside. Here on the farm, you can experience the local flavor along with professional hosting and extensive knowledge of the area's wildlife and birdlife. Ulvsbomuren is a quality option for close families, tight conference groups and groups of friends.

On this sheep farm in the middle of the forest, they don’t only use locally produced ingredients but incorporate them into tasty, well-cooked meals. The farm's own produce like root crops, vegetables and lamb are mixed thoughtfully and creatively together with ingredients from the forest such as berries, mushrooms, game, game birds and fish and crayfish from some of the area's lakes. This is where nature and culture, sheep and wolves, vibrant industrial history and today's rural areas all come together. These contrasts and challenges come together on your plate when dinner is laid out. The result is a well-prepared, freshly-harvested, flavourful and delicious meal prepared by the owner of the farm Hellen Wistrand.

In the 1600s, the area was characterized by Bergslagen’s iron industry and many forest farmers. Today, the forest is making a comeback, with the exception of an oasis like Ulvsbomuren. Here, amidst the firs and pines, the farm’s sheep keep the landscape open and alive. Also amongst the pastures and meadows are the farm’s old blacksmith forge and laundry house, which they carefully moved here and then renovated for overnight guests. With room for ten people, Ulvsbomuren is a perfect option for intimate conferences, tight groups of friends and close families.

Hellen know her history and the land. She is happy to share her knowledge of best places to pick berries or mushrooms or give a guided walk among the farm's sheep and lambs.

With the city a ways away, it’s natural to take advantage of the resources available. The forest provides pellets and firewood for heating and warming up the sauna, while all organic waste gets recycled into nutritious mulch for the vegetable garden.

Everything - environmental thinking, knowledge of nature, delicious meals and quality accommodation – are framed in warm hospitality and professional service at every level.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (6 March 2013)

Good and tasteful activities are a common theme in Ulvsbomuren's business. Whether you come to enjoy the Capercaillie's mating 'lek' in the spring or to delight in the evening's dinner with fresh ingredients from the farm and surrounding nature, quality is ensured down to the last detail. The goal is to provide a family atmosphere that makes you only too glad to return for another stay.

Information about the organizer

Name: Ulvsbomuren Wildlife Safari & Lodging
Address: Ulvsbomuren
Postal code: 730 60
Phone: +46-(0)730 - 86 48 11
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.ulvsbomuren.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ulvsbomuren

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