When time is racing past, Tur o Ton is needed as a way of slowing things down. Here homage is paid to a slower pace in the silence of the enchanting Järvsö ‘Finnish’ forest. Adventure and tranquillity, outdoor experiences and musical entertainment in a fine combination.

Maria and Roger Svärd live, play music and ride horses together. Preferably in the forest! With the Svärd’s farming and forestry enterprises as a base, close to the clear water of the Ljusnan river, and with the blue-tinged mountains in the background, light musical entertainment and fantastic natural and cultural experiences are on offer.

The tours go past Vallstabyn’s old soldier cottage with exciting stories of former times. Deeper in the Hälsinge forest is Tur o Ton's ‘Finnish’ farm Björnmyra, originating from the 17th century. Here, there is no electricity, just the relaxing silence, and the journey here is often by horse and cart or sled. The emphasis is on conversation and interaction, with memories of a time when the forest was full of people. Tur o Ton gladly shares stories from the past, about life in the forest. Some tales have been handed down by word of mouth, while others are taken from old documents. Sometimes local villagers are invited in to share even more stories of the past. In the light of the sparkling fire, an excellent meal is enjoyed, accompanied by acoustic music with song and instruments like the accordion, ukulele, guitar, and double-bass.

The business concept has been well considered. It includes working to retain the active use of horses in the forest, using old forest roads, and preserving traditions and knowledge of for example timbering. The enterprise is also characterized by steady horses, fine singing and stories, exciting smells and visual impressions, fine food in an authentic and welcoming environment, and professional hosts who offer personal service. Maria is also active as a music therapist, while Roger is an electrician.

On the farm, there are several northern Swedish shire horses. When the horses are not used for sled tours, they transport timber from the woods.

”Horses need and want things to do,” says Maria.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (26 October 2009)

Your hosts are two musical horse enthusiasts who delight in combining sled rides pulled by sturdy old Swedish horses with local music traditions and regional delicacies. The story began hundreds of years ago when the mighty forests of Hälsingland were settled by homesteaders from Finland. Tales are told of the fascinating history and folklore of these hardy settlers. A exciting company that makes an impact on business groups as well as families with their charm and authenticity.

Information about the organizer

Name: Tur o Ton i Hälsingland
Address: Vallstabyn 1877
Postal code: 820 11
Phone: +46-(0)278 - 450 11
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.turoton.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TuroTon/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/turoton/

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