Trosa is the base for the Scherp brother’s archipelago tours along the Sörmland coast. Their activities include tour services, water taxis and chartered tours for larger groups. Magnus and Jonas both grew up and still live in Trosa, have good local knowledge and work with care and respect for one of Sweden’s least exploited archipelagos. Since 2011, they also offer seal safaris.

It may seem strange that Sörmland’s archipelago, just an hour south of Stockholm, is actually one of our least exploited archipelagos. The reason is historical; it was the nobility and the crown that owned most of the islands. Just a few tenant farmers, with fishing as a side job, were allowed to stay on the islands. Today, it is also home to many nature reserves, such as Askö, Lacka, Sävö and Stendörren.

Conducting traffic in this sensitive archipelago requires good judgment and respect for other visitors, locals and the surrounding nature. Many people can testify that the Scherp brothers possess these qualities. The fact that Magnus Scherp knows all of the archipelago’s islets, reefs and reserve boundaries like the back of his hand makes the task less difficult. Magnus is also a well trained naval officer and instructor in areas such as search and rescue and first aid.

The company also works closely with several of the area's accommodation establishments: Trosa Stadshotell, Bomans Hotel and Tullgarns Inn. This is especially helpful when it comes to dealing with larger groups and conference groups that want to discover the archipelago. The Scherp brothers also work to promote cooperation between different destinations along the Sörmland coast in the neighbouring municipalities of Nyköping and Oxelösund. Contributing to good boat connections between these destinations in the summer is an important piece of the puzzle.

With great enthusiasm for Sörmland's archipelago, the brothers Scherp also interact with a wide range of other stakeholders in the archipelago, which include the county administration board, Askö Laboratory and Kråmö archipelago village. These valuable relationships make the archipelago available to more visitors, but always with compassion, knowledge and respect for the area’s natural and cultural resources. As part of this effort, they organize the popular Oxelösund seal safari every summer.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (6 March 2013)

For most of the archipelago's visitors, good boat service is the key to new experiences. Good departure times and routes are essential, but equally important are the operators' local knowledge, attitude and respect for others. Giving tips for excursions are an added bonus. Trosa Archipelago Tours demonstrates all these qualities through their operations, including the seal safari.

Information about the organizer

Name: Trosa Archipelago Tours
Address: Svartviksvägen 30
Postal code: 619 31
Phone: +46-(0)736 - 55 18 21
E-mail: [email protected]

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