Imagine dense boreal forest gradually giving way to a high alpine landscape of glacial valleys and rounded snow-capped peaks. Just a 2 hours drive from Åre Östersund Airport or even close neighboring Norway’s Trondheim International Airport (with the train link to nearby Storlien) this magical world is closer than you’d think. Alternatively, stay and enjoy a day or two in Stockholm and then catch the night train and awake from your comfortable sleeper to a cup of fresh coffee before disembarking at nearby Storlien train station. From here it’s a rugged 30-minute overland transfer through sleepy villages and past herds of reindeer and mountain lakes to Storulvån Mountain Station.

The cosy yet modern Mountain Station is both popular as a winter activities base and as the jumping off point for longer hut-to-hut backcountry ski touring trips into the Jämtland wilderness. Cross-country ski trails scatter in all directions, the most popular routes heading to the comfortable mountain stations of Sylarna and Blåhammaren. Storulvån has a range of excellent training courses backed up by a team of expert guides and is one of the best places in Sweden to learn telemark skiing. Storulvån makes a fine family holiday base due to its extensive amenities, comfortable rooms and the fun of exploring the alpine landscape together.

The smell of freshly baked bread fills the mountain station at breakfast time. Experienced alpine skiers mix with families to share steaming coffee, porridge, eggs and a tasty buffet style breakfast. Breakfast is also the time to load day packs with delicious cold cuts of meat, fresh bread, fruit and nuts for a long day out on the trails.

Far to the west, the pale reddish glow of the morning sun illuminates the distant peaks of the Sylarna Massif. As guests prepare for a guided tour others get last minute advice from the rangers to help them plan their journey across the frozen plateau to Sylarna, Helags or Gåsen. A last minute check on the weather and they silent disappear on newly waxed skis across the frozen mountain landscape and into the magical realm of the arctic fox, ptarmigan (Lagopus mutus) and Gyr Falcon (Falco rusticolus).

Soon after departing the mountain station the stillness and the vast expanses of the subarctic landscape greet you. There is no cueing and no lifts to take you up to prepared ski slopes. Private snowmobiles are banned from the reserve and except for the Sylarna Snowmobile Express that transfers guests and supplies between Storulvån and Sylarna it’s an empty, peaceful and pristine wilderness.

Not far from Storulvån three rounded mountain peaks await ready to be conquered. This is the real thing, just you, nature and a newfound enthusiasm for the great outdoors. Cross-country, telemark, ski mountaineering or just having fun on a toboggan, there’s something for everyone no matter your ability. There has been a mountain station in the shadows of Getryggen, Tväråklumpen and Storsnasen for more than 100 years, and today’s modern incarnation at Storulvån was built after the old one burned down in 1980. After a day of invigorating activity, you can relax in the sauna before enjoying a fireside drink reflecting on the day’s adventures. If you hear the mighty bell ring while having dinner don’t worry it’s probably not the last call for drinks, it’s just someone who’s summited the highest indoor climbing wall in Scandinavia and chimed the bell at the top.

Accommodation at Storulvån varies from comfortable four-person rooms with bunk beds and en-suite bathroom to basic hostel style bunkhouse accommodation with communal showers and toilets. If you prefer it’s possible to prepare and cook your own meals, although we do recommend the exceptionally good food served in the restaurant. The chefs’ are quite proud of their own food concept – Nordic Heat. They combine local produce such as reindeer meat and locally sourced berries and mushrooms with influences from Asia, South America and Southern Europe to produce a unique and tasty cuisine.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (17 March 2006)

Storulvån is one of the flagship mountain stations run by Svenska Turistföreningen. For many, this mountain station has traditionally been the starting and finishing point of a mountain adventure. These days’ visitors will discover that a wide range of winter activities and excellent facilities make it a destination in itself.

Information about the organizer

Name: STF Storulvån Fjällstation
Address: Storulvån Fjällstation
Postal code: 830 15
Phone: +46-(0)647 - 722 00
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.storulvan.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/storulvan
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stfstorulvan

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