Saltoluokta welcomes you with its hundred-year-old cozy log walls, kerosene lamps and a crackling birch wood fire in the hearth. This is probably one of the world’s most charming mountain lodges.

You are right in the middle of the road-less wilderness, by a beach along Lake Langas, just where Lapland's most famous hiking trail, Kungsleden, The Kings Way, passes. Visitors have been coming here from far and wide since 1912. Lapland’s natural wonders and excellent fishing for alpine char are right on the doorstep of the lodge.

Saltoluokta is perfect as a starting-off point for trips in the Stora Sjöfallet and Sarek national parks, or as a base camp for day trips either independently or with experienced trip leaders. After an evening sauna guests enjoy culinary mountain delights in the lodge restaurant which, incidentally, offers one of the best panoramic views in the Swedish mountains.

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) works hard to protect nature and the environment and is currently Sweden’s largest eco-tourism operator. The association runs 50 lodges and huts in the Swedish mountains, as well as some 320 youth hostels all over the country.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (29 January 2003)

Many would agree that this is one of the most quality-conscious mountain lodges within the STF. It has a policy for environmental practices and connection to the local community. STF Saltoluokta offers well-developed excursions for clear target groups. A mountain lodge with good knowledge about the destination and with an ambition to go the extra mile for nature protection and preserving local culture.

Information about the organizer

Name: STF Saltoluokta Fjällstation
Address: Saltoluokta
Postal code: 982 99
Phone: +46 -(0)973 - 41010
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.swedishtouristassociation.com/facilities/stf-saltoluokta-mountain-station/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/saltoluokta
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stflaponia

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