The mountain lodge at Grövelsjön lies just where the road ends, besides the Norwegian border in northern Dalarna, and offers breathtaking views of Norway’s mountains. This is an easily accessible mountain region with an exciting combination of Swedish nature reserves and Norwegian national parks.

From right beside the lodge, a number of well-marked hiking and skiing trails lead off into the mountains, while others lead you on circuits around the area. Using the lodge as a base, you can choose from a variety of different courses and adventures. Grövelsjön’s knowledgeable tour guides are always on hand to help you.

Build up your energy reserves with a breakfast buffet in the dining room (situated at 816 meters). Or come here later and enjoy a three-course dinner. While dining, you can look out over the Norwegian mountain landscape on the other side of the invisible border, or at the gnarled old pine trees in one of Sweden’s finest remaining virgin mountain forests, which lies a stone’s throw away. Or you can visit the spa for a massage and let the day’s impressions sink in. There are also well-equipped kitchens if you want to prepare your own meals. Grövelsjön Mountain Lodge is environmentally certified in accordance with the Nordic Swan label, and the restaurant serves meals based on organic produce.

This operator owes its excellent reputation to managers Barbara and Charlie Ekberg who took over as the hosts in 1986. They have invested a great deal in raising the quality of the experience for their guests and done valuable environmental work for ecotourism. Grövelsjön is one of Sweden’s most successful mountain tour locations and was awarded the Grand Travel Awards Prize for Ecotourism in 2003.

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) works hard to protect nature and the environment and is currently Sweden’s largest eco-tourism operator. The association runs 50 lodges and huts in the Swedish mountains, as well as some 320 youth hostels all over the country.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (16 May 2002)

The environmental pioneer work of Grövelsjön is really something to copy for other lodges. Exciting tour products with knowledgeable guides in fantastic nature makes it all even better. Behind his accent from the South of Sweden, Charlie Ekberg also shows an enormous commitment to north-western Dalarna, and the local network extends from the new Sami community in Idre to the village association and sports club.

Information about the organizer

Name: STF Grövelsjön Fjällstation
Address: Grövelsjön
Postal code: 790 91
City: IDRE
Phone: +46-(0)253 - 59 68 80
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.swedishtouristassociation.com/facilities/stf-grovelsjon-mountain-station/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/grovelsjon/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/stf_grovelsjon

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