The whole of southern Öland, south of the village of Färjestaden, is included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. It is the combination of agricultural landscapes, castles and burial grounds, unique plants, birds and insects, the unique arid steppe (“alvaret”), the coastal pasture land and its bird life which combine to offer world heritage value.

Many people think visiting the island of Öland is like visiting another world, with its unusual nature, its rich plant and bird life. Humans have lived here for 8 000 years. Since the Stone Age, land use hasn’t changed a great deal; agriculture and stock farming are still the predominant activities. On Öland, cultivated fields seldom stretch down to the seaside but rather end on higher ground. The strip of land between the fields and the beach is used for grazing and is called sea-pasture. Many rare birds depend on these wet grasslands close to the sea.

The limestone soil and the grazing animals are the main reasons why so many plants and animals thrive on Öland. Several plant species are unique to the island, such as the Öland sunflower and the Alvar wormwood. There are even 32 different species of orchid on Öland.

Christian Cederroth has been a dedicated birdwatcher since childhood. He is a trained biologist/geologist and was the spokesperson for the Club 300 for five years during the eighties. He was selected to join the Swedish Ornithological Association’s Rare Species Committee in 1992 and is still its secretary.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (29 January 2003)

Sweden’s most professional bird watching tour operator. Moreover, the host of Segerstad Lighthouse is knowledgeable about the other natural and cultural merits of the World Heritage site of Southern Öland, and has a defined ambition to promote the area’s economy and to show consideration for local farmers.

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