In northern Bohuslän on the boundary of the Kosterhavet National Park, lies the island of Resö. An island characterised by centuries of small-scale farming, historical epochs when enormous herring shoals could be caught along the Bohus coast, and the growing tourism over the past hundred years. Together with a couple of hundred other permanent residents on Resö, Christian Almström, who runs Resö Båtcharter, has for many years shown that the key to attractive outdoor experience packages is through local collaboration.

Christian’s family came to Resö as summer visitors in the 1950s. Just before the millennium, Christian and his wife Christina Näsholm chose to move permanently to Resö and for nearly ten years ran the conference and accommodation facility in the old school buildings, Resö Gamla Skola. Today, the new owners of the school comprise one of Christian’s most important partners, not least during the popular lobster fishing package in the autumn, which also involves the highly renowned Panget restaurant and high-class culinary experiences.

One of Christian’s main strengths is the ability to put together attractive and exciting broad experiences using all the local expertise and knowledge. This is why Ivan Axelsson, one of the island’s former professional fishermen, is a natural as the popular Cicero during the autumn’s lobster fishing. The island still has a relatively active fishing fleet, now fishing mainly for prawns and other shellfish. In the same way, expert local guides play a part in various activities involving marine biology, fauna, flora or the island’s history.

The specialist expertise combines with Christian Almström’s warm welcome to create popular activities where the positive feeling spreads through the group. The strong base also includes detailed planning of all parts of the activity, a focus on quality and, not least, a strong emphasis on safety and equipment and reserve plans when the weather is at its worst.

Visitors wishing to explore Resö’s friendly landscape on their own, particularly in spring and autumn, can also rent the newly and stylishly renovated grain storage on the host couple’s own farm, Hogen.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (8 May 2012)

Compiling the various expertises of a district into attractive experiences for visitors is often a challenge, but on Resö Christian Almström has shown that it is not impossible. Fine food from the island’s restaurant and comfortable accommodation in the island’s former school, combined with a marine experience, becomes a single package, spiced with fishing tales and exciting marine biology.

Information about the organizer

Name: Resö Båtcharter
Address: Hogen
Postal code: 45797
City: RESÖ
Phone: +46-(0)706 - 52 59 12
E-mail: [email protected]

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