This is a family-owned company in northern Hälsingland that chooses to make optimal use of forest resources. The company does not just offer bear-watching, but also high-quality bear-hunting at the end of the summer. And despite the fascination with, and great knowledge about large predators, not least the bear, Norrigården also sees the family’s old summer farm as a possible resource for exciting new holiday adventures.

According to one of the experts at the Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management, Norrigården Vildmark is one of Sweden’s leading arrangers of professional bear hunting. There is a very strong focus on hunting ethics, safety and customer satisfaction. The company’s owner Jenny Nordin and her family are experts on predators, and show how these can be used as a resource in the Swedish forests. Jenny’s father, Olle Strandberg, is a guide with lifelong experience from the forests of Hälsingland, and has immense knowledge about bear hunting. Hans Nordin works with predators as a nature warden, provides visitors with information about predators, and is very knowledgeable about the relationship between predators and people. Hans Nordin and his dogs are also very experienced at searching for injured bears and is a partner to the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project.

Norrigården Vildmark sees no difficulty in combining bear hunting with wildlife observations. In the summer season, the company offers bear-watching from a functional and well-equipped hide in the Hälsinge Forest. Guests are attracted by the company’s unique expertise combined with good chances of seeing and photographing bears. Bear-watching can also be combined with accommodation in a wilderness lodge by a remote forest lake, with fine fishing and an observation hide within walking distance.

The family-owned company is well-established in the district north of Ljusdal (about 400 km north of Stockholm) and regards it as perfectly natural to actively promote purchases in the local shops and to provide business for the local filling station. The company is planning to extend its product portfolio in the future by converting the family’s summer farm to an attractive summer accommodation facility surrounded by animals, forest and solitude.

As with all ecotourism operators, Norrigården assumes special responsibility for the environment. Norrigården uses and tests new energy-efficient technology with solar cells and solar panels to provide electricity and heat to the summer farm and the hunting cabin out in the Hälsinge Forest.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (16 June 2011)

A Hälsingeland company that is not afraid to stick its neck out and combine high-quality bear hunting with professional bear watching and run its own summer farm. Not a conventional constellation, but an example of a skilled operator who dares to think innovatively and create exciting ecotourism activities out of the forest’s slumbering potential and resources.

Information about the organizer

Name: Norrigården Vildmark
Address: Sundsvägen 293
Postal code: 820 46
Phone: +46-(0)702 73 75 58
E-mail: [email protected]

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