In its short existence, Nordic Footprints has developed into a high-quality hunting and fishing eco-tourism operation that has attracted visitors to north-west Dalarna from Sweden, USA, Italy and Central Europe. Fine hunting areas for capercaillie and woodcock, and rich fishing waters with pike and grayling, combined with business acumen, a professional welcome and respect for both the local district and the environment, form the recipe for success.

Nordic Footprints, with Samuel and Nathalie Jakoby at the helm, is a young and dynamic company set up in the small village of Husvallgölen between Sälen and Särna in 2007, approximately six hours or 450 km north-west of Stockholm. Moving into a new area after Swedish city life, and focusing on hunting, was a challenge. However, the company chose to listen to neighbors, build firm partnerships, buy local products and show respect for the environment and people in Dalarna's sparsely-populated north-west corner.

And, in a short time, a professional hunting and fishing company has seen the light of day. Samuel and Nathalie Jakoby are well-respected and believed by many to be the leading eco-tourism operator in the area. The key is their enterprising approach, which is based on offensive marketing on the Internet, high-quality guided tours, a personal welcome, strong focus on safety, and respect for the environment, people and wildlife. This is why it is not only Swedes that have been attracted to north-west Dalarna to hunt for capercaillie or fish for grayling. Nordic Footprints has also successfully accessed distant markets like Italy and USA.

The company's fly-fishing courses are a successful concept that quickly proved popular and, in 2008, special fishing treks in the Fulufjället National Park were introduced. The fishing is based on sustainability and quality, and fish that is not to be eaten the same day is carefully returned to the water. The same fundamental idea applies to hunting. Strong and viable stocks of forest birds, woodcock and beaver are vital to the future of Nordic Footprints.

The long-term approach also characterizes the company's environmental measures. Visitors are encouraged to travel by train or bus, while the company itself avoids disposable articles and has invested in heat pumps and an energy-efficient heating system. Outdoors, the company is not satisfied with taking the waste home from its own activities – it is also active in clearing up after other visitors.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (3 November 2010)

A dynamic hunting and fishing company that contributes not only an innovative approach but also young enterprise to Swedish ecotourism. Sustainable use of hunting areas and fishing waters is the common thread in the company, as is respect for and cooperation with the local population. A perfect example of how ecotourism both creates jobs and valuable export revenues in a sparsely-populated part of Sweden.

Information about the organizer

Name: Nordic Footprints
Address: Husvallgölen
Postal code: 790 90
Phone: +46-(0)703 - 74 90 74
E-mail: [email protected]

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