A horse and adventure farm with its own theatre, Mimulus is located just over ten kilometers north of Karlstad. It is bursting with creativity and interactive experiences, as pets, people, nature and culture meet in perfect harmony. Here, imported German dynamism meets earthy Värmland sensibilities. The result is an innovative theatre, a café, quirky accommodation with organic breakfast and, soon, new funny antics in the Swedish countryside.

In the early 2000s, two German sisters came to Sweden. They wanted to think ecologically, work for sustainable development, create new creative jobs and promote respect for nature, culture and our nearby four-footed friends. In 2006, Isgårds Horse Theatre was born with the ambition to do something fun for the horses. The premiere showed that an audience would both come and have a good time, and soon more animals and people wanted to take the stage. Two years later, the name was changed to Theatre Mimulus.

Since then, the work has continued and the business has grown. Now, they offer an adventure farm, an outdoor theatre, a hiking trail for visitors and spacious pastures for the farm's horses. Around 2010, they started an organic café serving Gorilla Coffee and homemade baked goods. They have also built accommodation for up to ten people. This allows travellers coming from further away to combine a unique theatre experience with a few days to discover Värmland’s nature.

At Mimulus there is much consideration for our relationships with dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals, but also how we relate to our wild neighbours in forests, fields and streams. Sentiments of respect, positive encouragement and quality experiences are central to everything they do. Just as farm suppliers, such as cocoa farmers on the other side of the world, need to be treated with respect, it is important that the theatre’s dog also feels good and has fun.

Mimulus blends what local nature and culture has to offer with a sprinkling of fantasy, a serving of creativity, crackling fire shows, friendly service, circus and the assurance of quality.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (6 March 2013)

This is an adventure farm that expands on the concept "where nature meets culture". It is robust, creative and also very funny - both for those who produce the shows and for those that get to experience them. Mimulus broadens Nature's Best range, and vice versa, the principles of ecotourism encourage new fun and memorable antics memorable antics in the forests of Värmland.

Information about the organizer

Name: Mimulus – Adventure Farm and Theatre
Address: Hösserud 320
Postal code: 655 93
Phone: +46-(0)738 - 54 72 06
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: mimulus.se

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