Is it really possible for a hard core “biker” from Gotland to do ecotourism? Well, Bertil “Berra” Marcusson who hails from the Hanseatic walled city of Visby can. The two-time Dakar rally veteran knows a thing or two about challenges and ‘being at one’ with the environment. Join him on a tough but fascinating mountain bike tour that will both challenge and inspire you.

Berra’s a free spirit who operates adventure tours in Iceland and Morocco as well as a range of fun and challenging mountain bike tours on Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic. His love of mountain biking originates from his tough pre-rally training regime where he’d train on his mountain bike by exploring the island’s coastal trails and dirt tracks. His love of mountain bikes outlived his participation in the Dakar Rally and he turned his passion for exploring into an adventure business. So today he offers mountain bike trips on his beloved Gotland, as well as rugged motorbike expeditions to Morocco and Iceland. Berra proudly says – I’m the country boy from Gotland that became known for achieving the impossible and now I want to use my experiences to inspire others.

MCraft has developed a very detailed and sound environmental policy and all motorcycles used on is overseas tours have got to be powered by four stroke engines. At home or abroad there has to be respect for the land so there’s no destruction of surface pasture or soil and Berra knows that landowner agreements are the foundation of a happy local community. Berra’s business philosophy comes from a deep rooted love of exploring. His mountain bike tours capture the excitement, fun and freedom of moving through a beautiful landscape under your own steam. Berra is firmly committed to his community and is a strong supporter of the Norrby Farm Museum, just a stone’s throw from where he was born.

Gotland has in recent years become a ‘hot spot’ for cycling tourism due to it’s slow pace, reasonably flat terrain and pretty country lanes. But, with Berra Marcusson as guide you will find stunning views, the sandiest beaches, old growth forests, historic sites and the strangest rock formations on this breathtaking island called raukar. In the process of exploring with Berra you’ll soon discover Gotland has got its fair share of hills to climb.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (22 November 2007)

Bertil ”Berra” Marcusson knows a thing or two about determination. He has got two Dakar rally’s under his belt to prove it. Today his challenge is focused on developing guided tours of Gotland by mountain bike. His aim is to make a difference and his operational philosophy is to always put the guest at the centre, to show respect to all land owners and to always protect and care for the islands unique natural resources.

Information about the organizer

Name: MCraft
Address: Lummelunda Tjauls 188
Postal code: 621 71
Phone: +46 - (0)704 - 13 63 80
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.tjaulsgard.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tjauls-Gård-306695592720352/

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