It is with Monika and Carl's personal hospitality that visitors are invited to enjoy Sörmland’s nature. Lasätter Gård is not far away, yet secluded by natural peace and quiet. The four seasons offer many different experiences like skiing, mushroom-picking weekends, spring hikes and summertime family adventures. Lasätter is a great base for exploration of the surrounding area, adventures on the neighboring farm or an exclusive seal safari.

Lasätter Gård is located where Kolmården’s deep woods meets Sörmland’s open farmland. Naturally secluded, it is still close to a lot – an hour south of Stockholm and with Skavsta international airport nearby. To the east, are Nyköping and Oxelösund Archipelago, and in the south, are the small village of Nävekvarn and Bråviken bay’s blue waters. Lasätter Gård is a great place for families looking for a summer nature adventure, groups of friends who want to spend a couple of days walking along Sörmlandsleden hiking trail or for smaller conferences who value personal meetings and a cosy and unique place to stay.

Here, hosts Monika and Carl Crafoord, with long-time experience in conferences and outdoor activities, create a space for personal encounters in large and functionally designed rooms. At ground level there’s a lovely, big kitchen made for communal cooking or a little finer dining. Above you’ll find a sauna, generous showers and a communal living space with twelve individual sleep alcoves around a common hall. Everything is fresh, modern and elegant, being adapted to cyclical thinking and recycling, and respectfully housed in a converted, red painted, spacious barn with white window frames. It provides an ideal locale for conference groups who want to come together in a different way or for families who want to combine exploring the Sörmland countryside with visits to Kolmården wildlife park.

Outside the red barn, there is much more to explore. Day hikes on Sörmlandsleden, quiet bike rides on winding roads, a visit to the neighbouring farm, Palstorps Hage, with adventure courses for children, a mushroom-picking weekend or a seal safari in Oxelösund. In the vicinity of the farm there is also a self-guided nature trail, a tipi where you can enjoy an outdoor meal, grazing paddocks, an old blacksmith’s forge and the farm’s large elderberry crop.

Monika and Carl use small-scale food processing to turn the elderberry flowers and berries into juice, jam and carbonated beverages. These award-winning products are then sold in the local area, to the Swedish Culinary Team and to renowned Swedish chocolatiers.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (6 March 2013)

With roots in the conference industry and the Swedish outdoors, Monika and Carl decided to create their own base for exploring Sörmland’s nature. This is an impressive business characterized by a feeling of quality, custom solutions, and a strong desire to explore the countryside, implement ecotourism principles and become part of the local tourism community.

Information about the organizer

Name: Lasätter gård
Address: Lasätter 2
Postal code: 611 95
Phone: +46-(0)707 - 25 30 80
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.lasatter.se
Facebook: instagram.com/lasattergard/
Instagram: www.facebook.com/lasatter/

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