From a distance, it looks like a small village of its own with red cottages with white painted corners, perched on a hill with large oak trees. The family’s black sheep can be seen grazing all over the place.

Bitterna Lamm in Västergötland represents Swedish country life at its best. The estate is run as a sheep farm and is situated near the old hikers’ footpath between the old settlements of Lödöse and Birka. Monica Renström and her husband Lars started sheep farming as far back as 1976. Since then they have always been pioneers in marketing the meat, wool and skins of Swedish Finewool sheep. There are mostly black sheep, but there are also some white ones on the farm. Visitors come here to enjoy a good meal of lamb or to have a cup of coffee at the inn. Accommodation for the night can be arranged, as can somewhat longer stays and a range of different courses. There is also a farm shop selling mainly meat.

The labelling comittes statement

Labelling Committee´s motivation (21st of May 2003)

A well-established and creative tour operator who has shown that a sheep farm is an excellent basis for carefully considered ecotourism. Or how about having a go at looking after sheep, carding and spinning wool. You can also try lamb sausages or other sorts of lamb produce whilst enjoying the farm’s pasturelands which are continually trimmed by the grazing merino sheep. The Renströms also offer all-inclusive cycling and hiking breaks with a little extra in the way of picnic baskets, valuable tips on what is worth seeing in the neighborhood and help with transportation.

Information about the organizer

Name: Bitterna Åkatorp
Address: Bitterna Åkatorp 1
Postal code: 534 61
Phone: +46-(0)706 - 22 80 99
E-mail: [email protected]

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