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Have you ever been eye to eye with a wild moose? Although Sweden is the most moose-dense country in the world, seeing them close at hand is not an everyday experience. Visitors from near and far will usually have to be content with seeing them on postcards or as cuddly souvenirs. But not anymore!

Skogens konung literally means “the king of the forest”, and the company’s owner Marcus Eldh is one of the best and most devoted wildlife guides in Sweden. He knows where, when and how the mighty moose move about, and his tours are run in true moose-country just an hour away from Stockholm. Marcus also runs Sweden’s one and only Moose hotel, a renovated, traditional little hay barn in a unique setting. Marcus also makes sure that the age-old traditions in the forest, like charcoal burning, are kept alive.

Marcus lives up to his motto that nothing is impossible. This young company is packed with ideas and energy, and challenges are met and conquered. Where there used to be a bus stop ages ago, the local bus now stops again - thanks to Marcus.

Guests of Marcus will get an unforgettable nature experience in the dense forests of Bergslagen, a region renown for its many little lakes, evergreen woods and amazing wildlife. Spending a night in the moose hide means you leave the modern world and its comforts behind, but live in harmony with nature for a little while.

Marcus cooperates with the local society for nature conservation, and since he started in 2002 he has welcomed visitors from some 75 different countries. They’ve all made close and often very emotional encounters with moose in their own natural habitat. If you want to know for sure you can follow the moose statistics at the company’s own web site!


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