Rid i Jorm

Rid i Jorm

The Raven’s Eye adventure house stands high up a mountainside in northwest Jämtland. It serves as a base for the Rid i Jorm company and is a very special, Old Norse-inspired building in which a turf roof and slate floors are examples of authentic details.

Exclusive and primitive at the same time. Here you find a dining room, a bar and eight beds for overnight guests. A log fire crackles constantly in the large round fireplace in the middle of the room. There is also a newly appointed guest house with 20 beds. Guests feel they are being welcomed with open arms, and they are. Quality, care for the horses and consideration for the environment are central to Ola Sundquist and Elin Eriksson who run Rid i Jorm. Most of their 30 horses were purchased in Iceland. Ola and Elin have plenty of contacts and have been to Iceland many times. The whole enterprise rests on a close collaboration with the other inhabitants in the village of Jormvattnet. In order to avoid damage to nature from excessive wear and tear, the company takes care not to create trodden paths on the mountain heaths. For the same reason, overnight campsites are also moved regularly.

Rid i Jorm was awarded the Grand Travel Awards Ecotourism Prize in 2002.



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Rid i Jorm
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