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Quality in large and small scale is a common thread through Granö Beckasin's business. The Bird Nests, the facility's unique and comfortable accommodation with captivating views of the the Ume River, characterize the company's high ambitions. This local business took shape in 2006 after a local bird lover donated a unique collection of stuffed birds.

The story behind Granö Beckasin begins with the story of Jan-Erik Sjöblom. A dead snipe captured his interest at a young age, which then resulted in 70 years of artistry and a life's work of over 30 000 stuffed animals and birds. When he chose to donate his personal collection of over a thousand stuffed birds to local residents, it was the start of a rural enterprise which not only provides accommodation, food and nature experiences, but also has the ambition to honor and preserve Jan-Erik Sjoblom's love of birds.

Granö is an old meeting and market place on the shore of the Ume River. Here, the Sami, the settlers and state representatives all gathered several hundred years ago to exchange goods and make decisions. On his trip to Lapland, Carl Linnaeus passed through Granö in May 1735, and today, it's proximity to Umeå and Lycksele makes Granö a gateway to Lapland and the northern wilderness.

Granö Beckasin is a local company inspired by the region's history and Jan-Erik Sjöblom's love of birds, which based on a range of comfortable accommodation, local cuisine and activities wants to develop quality tourism in one of Västerbotten's river valleys. Several important successes have already been achieved, including a nomination for the Swedish Grand Tourism Award and a growing number of international visitors who book timber rafting, bike tours and various guided experiences. Now awaits new ventures in the form of construction of a smaller hotel, which will be completed in 2014, and a new waste water treatment plant. The latter is an investment that can hardly be seen, but that makes a difference for all of us who care about the environment.

Christopher Storm, Caroline Löfström and other staff see themselves as representatives of the entire region and believe that the guests should not only visit a company, but a small Norrland community. Quality, authenticity and concern for nature are some of the company's guiding principles, and the staff strive daily to fill guest days with warm hospitality and memorable experiences.



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