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Edens Garden’s basic concept is to offer easily-accessible outdoor experiences in harmony with the natural environment of the Svartådalen valley, 100 km west of Stockholm. Visitors can explore unique wetlands, forests, and pastures on foot, on a bicycle or in a canoe, spend a night or two in a tastefully renovated 18th-century cottage, and enjoy hamburgers made from local meat derived from cattle that have grazed on natural pastures.

Edens Garden is run by the Dutch couple, John, and Mandy de Jong, who came to Sweden ten years ago. Slowly but surely they have built up the business and today offer complete packages that combine accommodation, food, and activities.

Although they are newcomers to the district, and indeed Sweden, the couple are fully engaged in the local area. John de Jong, for example, is active in the Svartådalen Development Group. Edens Garden incorporates its cycling packages with other players in the area, such as the Sätra Brunn hotel. A green approach goes without saying and, in addition to climate-smart activities such as cycling, canoeing and walking, the company uses biofuel and environmentally-labeled, preferably local, products. But the owners are not satisfied with this and, when time and money is available, solar panels will be installed for heating.

For many years, the Svartådalen valley has also been one of the World Wildlife Fund’s selected sites for regional natural pasture projects. Today the area demonstrates a successful combination of natural pasture, biological diversity, local food production and responsible eco-tourism. Consequently, visitors to Edens Garden not only see grazing cattle or enjoy the region’s birdlife in the form of cranes, curlews, corncrakes, black terns and white-tailed eagles. By taking part in various activity packages, they can also sample local food, including the region’s own hamburgers made from organic meat from the Gröna Hagar cooperative and fresh bread from local bakeries.

For visitors planning to stay for several days, one particular recommendation is the tastefully renovated 18th-century cottage. It is cozy and furnished with exciting features that will delight the visitor. A warm and friendly welcome is also something that John and Mandy de Jong guarantee for their guests, regardless of whether they are overnight visitors from the Mälardalen region or people enjoying a week or two’s holiday from the congestion and stress of Central Europe.



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Edens Garden – Tourist Activities
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