About Nature’s Best

Life has become a lot easier. More and more of Sweden’s best nature tours now carry the quality label Nature’s Best. They can all be found on this website.

Even if most of us cook our own food at home, it doesn´t prevent us from going to a restaurant now and then. It´s pretty much the same with our nature experiences. We don´t always have to do everything ourselves, carry heavy loads or live primitively. Often a trip is even more fun, more comfortable and more enjoyable when we use the experience, equipment and knowledge of others.

The quality label Nature’s Best is a decisive reason why nature tourism is now developing so quickly in Sweden. The label was launched in 2002 and was then the first of its kind in the Northern hemisphere. It is often considered the most demanding and detailed quality brand in the world.

The focal point is the quality of the travel experience, combined with strict environment and nature conservation measures, as well as a clear local connection. Internationally, this is usually called ecotourism.

So are you ready for the white nights of the Swedish summer, or its deep frozen winter scenery and legendary northern lights?
Try dog sledding to the Ice Hotel, driving a reindeer sleigh with Sami herdsmen, salmon fishing, hiking with pack reindeer in Lapland, sea kayaking, white water rafting, canoeing, timber rafting, horse riding expeditions in the mountains, boat trips in three archipelagos, wolf tracking, fly fishing for grayling and trout …and much, much more!

Nature’s Best is Europe’s first eco-label that assures the quality of hundreds of tours run by nearly hundred eco-certified tour operators around the country. Which means if you book a trip with one of Nature’s Best tour operators you know that they have to adhere to a strict code of conduct, and you make a positive contribution to the environment where your tour or activity is taking place. – This is ecotourism in Sweden at its best.

Owl safari is one of the Nature's Best labeled experiences
Tengmalm’s owl, Aegolius funereus, Bergslagen, Sweden

Nature’s Best is the first national quality label for ecotourism in the northern hemisphere. It was launched during the UN International Year of Ecotourism in 2002.

Nature’s Best certifies and promotes the best Swedish tour operators and their finest products.

Nature’s Best is a reliable guide to the best ecotourism tours, and helps you choose quality products. This will lead to more fun for all involved.

Nature’s Best quite simply offers the best nature tours in Sweden.

Nature’s Best was developed by travel associations, land owners, nature conservation associations, non profit organisations, public authorities, tourist companies and institutions. More than 30 companies and 20 national associations took part in the process of creating criteria for Nature’s Best.

Nature’s Best gives all Swedish ecotourism operators the opportunity to quality label tours and to build a network for effective marketing.

The Nature’s Best quality label states that approved tours satisfy the quality criteria established.

Nature’s Best is designed to offer the traveller an unforgettable nature experience. It combines responsible nature conservation with more environmentally friendly ways of travelling that care for cultural heritage, local community and the environment.

Nature’s Best is your guide to the best nature tours in Sweden. We list the operators who go the extra mile for their landscape, local people, the environment and most importantly for you as a customer.

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